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Title: Ikebana vase by Stalks & Roots
Description: As we enter a long-awaited Spring season, Fritz Hansen invited two Copenhagen-based flower artists to share their fervour for flowers. Over two short films, we document the artists revealing their unparallel bond with the world of flowers and their flower-mastering philosophies as they re-interpret the Japanese-inspired Ikebana vase by Jaime Hayon.

For Mathilde from Stalks & Roots, a flower studio located at the heart of Copenhagen, flowers are a means of storytelling, and each piece should be treasured, from head to stem, for its uniqueness and beautiful complexities.

Originally from the West coast of Denmark, Mathilde grew up with a deep appreciation for nature and handcraft. For her, “flowers can be an everyday luxury that reminds us to take care of ourselves and the world that surrounds us.” Mathilde’s two interpretations of the Ikebana vase are different in style, though similar in concept, as they are both grounded in her philosophy of making each flower the main character.
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