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03/08/2023 11:08
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ID: 28125
Title: Case video - The OWO
Description: Project name: The OWO
Location: London, United Kingdom
Project type: Hospitality
Interior design: Winch Design
Areas: Penthouse, hotel
Products: Series 7
Photographer (credit): @darrenchung74

When referring to the project, please always ensure that “Penthouse” is capitalised and “OWO” is not referred to as “The Old War Office”. For example “we are excited to share our work within The Penthouse at The OWO”
Please credit and tag Winch Design in your post, although we will ask that you do not tag The OWO within the image or the location on social media  
We would appreciate it if you could tag the photographer: darrenchung74
We would ask that you do not refer to the “loan” aspect, and instead view this as a collaboration
Keywords: series 7, the owo, penthouse, hotel  [more like this...]
Size: 6,05 MB; 1920 x 1080 pixels; 9 seconds;
Orientation: Landscape
File type: Video
File Format: mp4