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Title: Series 7 - 60th Anniversary Edition
Description: Series 7 - 60th Anniversary Edition

Series 7 by Arne Jacobsen. Colour: Dark blue. Base: Powder coated (burnished look).
KAISER idell 6556-T by Christian Dell. Colour: Black.
Essay by Cecilie Manz. Colour: Black lacquered ash.

For the 60 year anniversary of the Series 7™ two special editions of the 3107 chair have been made. The chairs have been designed both to stand out on their own, and to complement each other. Contrasts are the keyword in the 60th Anniversary Edition - it is all about contrast, both in materials, surfaces and colours. The two chairs has been created with a masculine or feminine perspective - as a deep dark blue shell with powder coated legs in a burnished look and a pale pink shell with gold-plated legs. While the deep dark blue and the pale pink may contrast each other, they are also two colours that when combined, both display a calming and elegant look.

Each piece comes with a golden plate mounted on the bottom of the shell showing that it is part of the 60th Anniversary Edition.

The two chairs are only available throughout 2015.

Lighting by Lightyears:
KAISER idell™ 6556-T by Christian Dell
Keywords: Series 7, 3107, Anniversary, 60 years, Blue, Burnished, 1955, Arne Jacobsen, KAISER idell, 6556-T, Christian Dell, Essay, Cecilie Manz  [more like this...]
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Photographer: Ditte Isager
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    • Series 7 - 60th Anniversary Edition
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