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Title: Video - Table Series, revitalised
Description: Table Series by Piet Hein, Bruno Mathsson & Arne Jacobsen

Table Series is Fritz Hansen's vision to create a modern dining table enriched by its status as a long lasting design piece. The longevity is illustrated in the remarkable quality that Fritz Hansen created with Piet Hein, Bruno Mathsson and Arne Jacobsen in 1968.

This quality we have enhanced through a new laminate, a surface that is highly resistant to scratches. Visually, the laminate has a low reflection of light and the result is a beautiful, opaque surface that is easy to clean and that does not show marks like fingerprints.

The matt surface comes to life through eight different colours. Whether you choose a Pink Colorado table top or a black table top with black legs for a minimalistic, monochrome look, Table Series new colours and bases brings personality in to any styling.
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Size: 9,10 MB; 1920 x 1080 pixels; 50 seconds;
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