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Title: Video - Pair 35 seconds
Description: PAIRâ„¢ by Benjamin Hubert. Video: 35 sek.

PAIRâ„¢ is a stacking chair and comes in a mix of veneer and plastic that differentiates it from existing stackable chairs is our collection. The chair is composed of 3 different materials: translucent coloured plastic, oak and steel tube; in 4 backrest colours; white, red black and green and in 3 base colours; chrome, black and green. Futhermore, it can be accessorized with cushions in 4 different fabrics. With PAIR you can build up to 80 different varieties of the same chair by blending bases, materials, cushions and much more.
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Size: 824,71 MB; 1920 x 1080 pixels; 35 seconds;
Orientation: Landscape
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