Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Fritz Hansen's image bank: downloads.fritzhansen.com 

We are very happy you decided to get images, documents or 2D/3D files from us to your project. 
Please note that all images and documents on this site are copyright protected and are Fritz Hansen's property only. 

In this respect you are not entitled to make use of, copy, print ect. any images, or documents without a final acceptance from Fritz Hansens headquater in Denmark. 



  •   2D / 3D files: Alle files can be downloaded and used for any non commercial project. 

  •   Styling images & Packshot images: When using styling or packshot images, you have to write: © Fritz Hansen 
    And you have to get final acceptance from Fritz Hansen's headquarters. 

    Are you already an authorized Fritz Hansen Partner, you are without further notice entitled to download the images and documents, as long as it is for various advertisements and POS use only and our logo guideline. 

  •   Old images and references: All old images and references on this site have individual copyrights, and it is extremly important that you ask for promission before using the images. Some of the images are copyright protected and still owned by the photographer. 

  •   Designer portraits: All designer portraits are restricted. You have to ask for promission from Fritz Hansens headquater. 

It is important to state that if you mention any of our products, please use the ™ after each product name. e.g. The Egg™ chair

If you have any questions to the above-mentioned or you need Fritz Hansen's acceptance in general, please contact the graphic department:

For other inquiries please contact: 

Press: Press@fritzhansen.com

Sales: Salessupport@fritzhansen.com